Community Wildfire Readiness Toolkit

The IAFC is an active partner in the National Wildland Fire Cohesive Strategy. As part of the IAFC's commitment to the development and implementation of the Cohesive Strategy we provide information and resources to the fire service, including a focus on Community Wildfire Readiness (CWR) through fire adaptation, a strategy toward the safe co-existence of human populations, infrastructure and wildland fire.

The IAFC's focus on fire adapted efforts has taken shape through the work of the IAFC's Wildland Fire Policy Committee, Community Wildfire Readiness, the Ready, Set, Go! Program and the Wildland-Urban Interface conference.

Learn more about the IAFC's fire adapted efforts by visiting the CWR information page on the RSG! Program website.

CWR Toolkit

The CWR Toolkit helps agencies and individuals promote the fire adapted concept within their communities. A fire-adapted community is a concept that is used to convey the preparedness message from the USDA Forest Service and related federal and state land management agencies that encourages individuals to acknowledge and prepare for wildland fire threats at the community level.

A fire-adapted community requires minimal assistance from firefighters during a wildland fire event as its residents have accepted personal responsibility to seek out information and take action. This is important as the fire service often times does not have the required resources to respond to every home affected by wildland fire. To prepare yourself, your property and become a leader in your community, use the resources in the CWR Toolkit, which includes wildland fire awareness and preparedness resources from the IAFC and our FAC Coalition partners.

CWR Media

The Hero in You - PSA


CWR Toolkit Video

Fire-Adapted Communities (FAC) Toolkit video

Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network Video


The FAC Learning Network has produced a video showcasing the Austin and Boise Fire Departments' fire-adapted efforts in their respective communities. Watch to learn examples of how these fire departments implemented the concept and how it can relate to your CWR efforts. The CWR toolkit is available to support your local efforts. To obtain a copy, contact staff at If you are a RSG! Program member, please share your community-wide outreach and preparedness efforts with us in our Achievement Management System. If you are not a RSG! member, please consider joining the program today at

FAC Partners

The IAFC is a partner of the FAC Coalition. The coalition is a group of partners committed to helping communities and their members adapt to living with wildland-fire by reducing their risk for damage without compromising firefighter or civilian safety. Additional partners include:

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