Heart Safe Community Award Nomination Form
This award is presented to fire service-based EMS agencies and other EMS systems that have played a key role in improving the quality of out-of-hospital cardiac care and resuscitation efforts.

Agencies and systems nominated will have demonstrated creative approaches to improving therapies for patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes and its life-threatening complication - Sudden Cardiac Arrest – through:

• Bystander CPR
• AED deployment (i.e., PAD programs, First Response)
• Out-of-hospital 12-lead ECGs
• 12-lead ECG advanced notification to the receiving hospital
• Partnering with local hospitals to improve outcomes from ACS and sudden cardiac arrest
• Communication programs to increase awareness and prevention of sudden cardiac arrest and heart attacks

There will be two awards presented:

• Small/Mid Size Community (Population of 100,000 or less)
• Large Community (Population 100,001 or more)
  • Topics:
  • Resource Type:
  • Organizational Author:
    • EMS Section

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