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Intelligence Guide for First Responders, 2015

The Joint Counterterrorism Assessment Team (JCAT), of which the IAFC is a partner, is pleased to share the 2015 Intelligence Guide for First Responders. This reference aid:

  • Highlights first responders' roles and responsibilities as a consumer of intelligence information.
  • Demonstrates how to handle this information and why it must be protected.
  • Shows first responders where to find the information and how to gain access to internet-based U.S. Government systems.
  • Helps first responders understand and participate in the Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative.
  • Provides an overview of the Intelligence Community, the intelligence cycle and the products available to first responders.
  • Identifies existing federal, state, local, tribal and territorial partnerships that first responders can use to carry out their duties and responsibilities.

This guide is an update to the 2011 edition and was produced by first responders for first responders, to improve information sharing among state, local, tribal and territorial jurisdictions and the federal government.

The guide includes three sections:

How To

  • Handling sensitive but unclassified information
  • Gaining access to intelligence community information
  • Understanding estimative language
  • Reporting suspicious activity with a nexus to terrorism

General Information

  • What is intelligence?
  • What intelligence can and cannot do
  • The intelligence community
  • The intelligence cycle
  • Categories of finished intelligence
  • Intelligence products typically available to first responders
  • Joint partnerships


  • Terminology
  • Acronyms and abbreviations

JCAT consists of state, local, tribal and territorial first responders and public safety professionals from around the country, working side-by-side with federal intelligence analysts from the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), DHS and FBI to research, produce and disseminate counterterrorism intelligence. We offer federal fellowship opportunities to public safety professionals—law enforcement, emergency medical services, fire service, intelligence, homeland security, and public health officials—from state, local, tribal and territorial government agencies.

 Visit www.nctc.gov/jcat.html for more information.

  • Topics:
    • Large-Scale Response
    • Homeland Security/Terrorism
    • Operations
    • IAFC Partnerships
  • Resource Type:
    • Strategy development tool
    • Guide/ toolkit/ template
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