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National US&R Response System Strategic Plan

This strategic plan identifies key objectives, strategies and performance measures that branch from the FEMA Strategic Plan, utilizing momentum that was created from the 2016-2020 FEMA US&R Strategic Plan, and utilizing those elements that are incumbent to the System. Namely the ability to rely on the strengths and abilities of our members to ensure the System is continually evolving, changing, and progressing.

The strategic plan presents the System’s vision for advancements in:

  • Instilling equity as a tenet and component of the System.
  • Guiding and leading the System in climate awareness and resilience.
  • Advancing and sustaining a ready and prepared System Utilizing the various partnerships and stakeholders that we frequently rely upon within the federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments, and agencies, we are closing perceived and realized gaps that have been identified within stakeholder, system member, and external surveys.

This strategy ensures that we are in a steady state of readiness and that we are prepared, trained, and responsive to needs that are required nationally. Implementing this strategic plan will better enable the System members to carry out the System’s critical mission and serve the Nation.

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