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Propane Emergencies 3rd Edition Book

This course has been designed to help emergency responders develop the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively manage a propane emergency in transportation or at fixed facilities. It is aimed to firefighters and members of the Hazardous Materials Response Teams, propane marketers, propane industry product and container specialists, and private or emergency response contractors and based upon commonly used practices, references to nationally recognized engineering practices, regulations and consensus standards, and training programs.

The topics covered are:

  • Physical Properties and Characteristics of Propane
  • Standards, Codes, and Regulations for propane storage tank design, construction, and operation
  • Non-Bulk Container Design and Construction Features
  • Bulk Transportation Design and Construction
  • Bulk Plants and Bulk Storage Tanks
  • General Emergency Response Procedures and Incident Management System
  • Tactical Response Guidelines for Propane Emergencies
  • Product Removal, Transfer, and Recovery Operations
  • Topics:
    • Hazmat
  • Resource Type:
    • Training
  • Organizational Author:
    • External

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