Recruitment Efforts Aimed at Women
National Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS)

Eden Prairie Fire

Recruitment efforts aimed at women

May 2016

Edina, Minnesota

Eden Prairie Fire, along with other various combination departments in the area, came together to host “The Women’s Fire Service Expo,” an  event  focused  on  recruiting more  women  into  the volunteer  fire service. The one-day event began with a morning classroom session, that included a presentation about safety, breaking the group up into “crews,” and getting fitted for gear. The afternoon session had each crew rotate scenarios, including auto extrications, search and rescue, and fire suppression.

While the event was free to participants, all involved departments made a donation of $500.00 to offset the costs of the training facility, water, lunch, and t-shirts. Initially, registration numbers  were  low, but after the city’s communications department sent out separate “press day” invitations, the  event  was filled. These  press  invitations  allowed  for  female reporters  to  come  out  and  experience  some  of  the scenarios days before the event and then generate interest from their articles.

By having a hands-on training expo for women to experience firefighting without having to fully commit to a department, women are given the opportunity to see if they would enjoy the work. This also gives departments the chance to sell themselves without having to waste time and resources on those that do not understand what volunteering really means.

By  having  each  department  chip  in  with  a  small  donation,  all  departments  were  recognized  as  being “women-friendly” and do not have to handle the entire cost of hosting an event this large on their own.

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