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Recruitment Through Sponsorship of a Little League Team
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Old Mystic Fire Department

Recruitment through the sponsorship of a little league team.

2016 Baseball Season

Old Mystic, Connecticut

In 2016, the Old Mystic Fire Department contacted their youth baseball league and inquired about sponsoring a baseball team.  For a nominal fee, they were able to sponsor a team of 15 young boys and girls age 6-8 to play baseball and learn vital skills including: how to interact with others; and how to work as a team. As part of the sponsorship the department’s name was placed on each of the player’s uniforms. 

The Fire Chief attended most of the 12 games to support the team and introduce himself to the players, coaches and parents of the team. He also educated and advocated to the parents the importance of volunteering at the fire department. When possible, the department would take apparatus to the games and on-duty volunteers would watch the game, support the team and network with the community. 

Fire departments are an integral part of a community. Volunteers are drawn from the community to protect the community, and it is this sense of responsibility that causes individuals to volunteer. By sponsoring a baseball team, you put your department’s name in front of the community members that have a strong sense of community. You are creating an opportunity for your fire department to positively interact with the community and to educate them that you are a volunteer fire department in need of volunteers. You also connect with the youth inspiring them to join the department.  

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