What Fuels Your Fire? Radio Campaign Samples

The National Volunteer Workforce Solutions (VWS) program worked with iHeart Radio to recruit and raise awareness about the need for volunteers to fill various positions at their local volunteer or combination fire department. 

Below are examples of some of the advertisements that were used on various iHeart Radio channels across the country.  

Radio Advertisement Sample 1 (.mp3)

Radio Advertisement Sample 2 (.mp3)

Radio Advertisement Sample 3 (.mp3)

Radio Advertisement Sample 4 (.mp3)

The team selected the best channels to feature the radio advertisement by utilizing the expertise of iHeart Radio and the findings from the department's custom GIS tapestry report.

If you would like assistance developing and running radio advertisements for recruitment of volunteers, please contact us at vws@iafc.org

The above sound clips are meant to be samples only and are not to be reused, repurposed or redistributed in any way without prior permission from the International Association of Fire Chiefs.

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