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The Evolution of Mutual Aid Going Live

On October 10 at 2:00 PM ET the National Mutual Aid System (NMAS) is going live, Facebook Live. Departments are encouraged to partake in the Facebook Go-Live Launch to discover how NMAS makes emergency management more effective and efficient by geo-enabling resources across the country. From everyday incidents to major disasters NMAS incorporates the basics of resource management.

IAFC, Juvare, and Esri have been working to build NMAS since the fall of 2017.  They have received critical input from stakeholders about what a successful mutual aid system involves to successfully aid state and local government, and the communities served.  NMAS will allow for real-time two-way data exchange between system administrators and responders both in transit and at incidents.

Participants will gain insight into the unparalleled information sharing, decision support, and situational awareness capabilities to jurisdictions, regions, and states. Additionally, find out what’s next in the mutual aid evolution and how your department can be involved in the NMAS community.

NMAS is sponsored at the state level. To find out if your state has signed up, please contact the NMAS staff. Questions? Contact NMAS.

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