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CEO Mark Light Shares Insights of Leading the IAFC in Podcast Interview

IAFC CEO/Executive Director Mark Light was a recent guest on the popular podcast, Through the Noise

Through the Noise describes itself as a light and entertaining podcast thatCapture182 explores “the business of communicating” through conversations with executive directors, CEOs, communications directors, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who deal with the management – technical or creative – process of communications. Host Ernesto Gluecksmann  helps guests feel at ease while cutting “through the noise” to empower them to share the meaningful information they have to offer. 

During Episode #373, Mr. Light discusses his fire service background, the IAFC as a member organization; the job of a fire chief; firefighter cancer registry legislation; how IAFC programs, tools and resources such as Volunteer Workforce Solutions assists fire departments; and challenges of recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters. He talks about how the IAFC is expanding its international reach and touches on controversial issues facing the fire service such as the debate about tall wood building construction and residential fire sprinkler requirements.

Near the conclusion of the 60-minute podcast, he shares what's he's most proud about leading the IAFC and is asked: does he miss the action of being a fire chief?

The episode is available here and on iTunes.

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