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The IAFC Seeks Vendor for Salesforce & Fonteva Assessment & Remediation

The International Association of Fire Chiefs, Inc. (IAFC), is a non-profit, IRS 501(c)(3), tax-exempt corporation. Since 1873, the IAFC has provided a forum for fire and emergency service leaders to exchange ideas and develop professionally. The IAFC represents the leadership of firefighters and emergency responders worldwide. This request for proposal is to identify a vendor qualified to plan and execute a technology/platform assessment of the IAFC’s Salesforce system/platform and Association Management System (AMS).

Project Description: This project consists of a technology/platform assessment and remediation of the Salesforce system/platform and the IAFC’s AMS. Therefore, the IAFC seeks a vendor to perform the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the IAFC’s Salesforce platform and systems.
  • A comprehensive assessment of the IAFC’s Association Management System (AMS), Fonteva.
  • Provide a report on findings and present the report to IAFC leadership.
  • Identify, prioritize, and provide solutions for problem areas.
  • Develop and share a recommended approach plan and scope of work.
  • Identify opportunities for change management.
  • Identify AMS needs and provide recommendations on company that best fits IAFC’s AMS needs.
  • Identify how problems requiring corrections during the assessment shall be performed. E.g., Uninstall current problem customizations to apply out-of-the box solutions or other options for optimal system integration.
  • Configure apps where applicable to ensure that IAFC’s specific CRM needs are met.
  • Recommend managed services package for best value.
  • Assist with development of data and system governance plan

Finally, the IAFC seeks a vendor to provide training to employees as follows:

  • Best practices for Salesforce support, member data, donations, events, and member engagement.
  • How to use the Salesforce platform for the IAFC’s membership department needs.
  • Proper and best use of AMS services and applications.
  • The vendor shall explain what is expected from IAFC staff to perform a successful project intervention

Proposals should highlight the vendor’s expertise with the work described in this RFP, including experience performing similar assessments for non-profit organizations, and references from past and current clients. Proposals must provide an estimated timeline and budget.

Deadline: Tuesday,  June 1, 2021 

For contact information and submission details download the PDF of the RFP.

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