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IAFC Encourages Fire and EMS Departments to Remain Vigilant During the Fall

The IAFC recommends that fire and EMS departments remain prepared for possible acts of terror during the fall months. Although there is no specific credible threat reporting at this time, several factors indicate the need for vigilance. These include the ongoing turbulent political climate around COVID-19 mandates, possible emboldening of homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) in what some perceive as a Taliban victory in Afghanistan, and discontent regarding the handling of the end of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and the loss of life among U.S. service members. The Jewish Community, which has been the target of many hate groups, is celebrating its High Holy Days during this week and next week. There is also the ever-present concern of attacks by HVEs, and possible attacks by domestic violent extremists (DVEs), who represent a growing threat. Attacks by HVEs and DVEs are extremely difficult to predict or prevent.  

To help fire departments provide service to their communities and protect their personnel, the IAFC has both compiled and developed the following resources: 

The IAFC encourages vigilance during this heightened threat period. The Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee is in close contact with our federal intelligence and law enforcement partners and will work diligently to share any priority threat-related information. 

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