Terrorism Response- A Checklist and Guide for Fire Chiefs and Community Preparedness Leaders

4th Edition

The IAFC Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee has released its expanded Terrorism Response:  A Checklist and Guide for Fire Chiefs and Community Preparedness Leaders 4th Edition. This expanded toolkit provides a clear, systematic and comprehensive framework for all emergency responders and community preparedness leaders to better prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from all risks and all hazards incidents. This 4th Edition of the Checklist and Guide incorporates several changes. The recommendations have been greatly simplified to provide essential guidance as opposed to an exhaustive list of recommendations.

Terrorism Response
Checklist and Guide

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The Checklist and Guide was first released in 2007 as a guide for fire chiefs. However, the realities of today’s world require communities and departments to reach out beyond their own resources, and to form effective partnerships within their communities, regions, states and across the nation to achieve an effective level of preparedness for all incidents. The checklist is a tool to support responder disciplines during these efforts.

The expanded Checklist and Guide:

  • Includes all first responders and community preparedness leaders in their efforts to collaborate across disciplines;
  • Follows an all risks, all hazards approach;
  • Encourages users to apply the Checklist and Guide to the hazards unique to their communities;
  • Includes new and revised reference sections to address incidents and programs that have developed since the first and second editions were published;
  • Includes an interactive checklist that users can save electronically.

The Checklist and Guide is available to all emergency responders and community leaders.

IAFC Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee

Terrorism Response: A Checklist and Guide for Fire Chiefs and Community Preparedness leaders was developed by the IAFC Terrorism and Homeland Security Committee, chaired by Chief Kevin McGee, Prince William County (Va.) Fire and Rescue. The committee:

  • Identifies terrorism and homeland security issues for IAFC advocacy
  • Is a resource on homeland security issues
  • Fosters and maintains crucial relationships with homeland security leaders
  • Strengthens IAFC visibility as the fire service leader on terrorism and homeland security issues

Terrorism & Homeland Security Committee

The Terrorism & Homeland Security Committee is composed of fire and emergency service leaders who provide guidance to the IAFC and policymakers about how to prepare for the next terrorist attack.


Emergency Management Committee

The IAFC's Emergency Management Committee addresses mutual aid and state-to-state coordination through the IMAS project.

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