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Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Roundtable


The Roundtable provides a forum to identify challenges in hazmat preparedness, prevention, and response. On October 26 and 27, 2021, the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Roundtable met for the second time since February 2019. Roundtable members include representatives of federal, state, and local governments, fire and emergency service agencies, and subject matter experts from the hazardous materials response community. In April 2019, a Roundtable Report was published capturing the observations and recommendations captured from a two-day discussion. Stemming from this meeting and report, a select number of issues were identified and further examined by Roundtable members in three concurrent assessment efforts in 2021. The three assessment efforts focused on developing possible action options to (1) improve LEPC/TERC performance; (2) improve risk-based response and preparedness; and (3) improve hazmat prevention and mitigation programs. The below reports capture the findings from these assessments and the discussion from the recent Roundtable meeting.

2021 Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Roundtable Report

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