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Hazmat Committee

The Hazmat Committee is the IAFC's subject matter expert on hazardous materials and dangerous goods.

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Industrial Fire & Safety

The Industrial Fire and Safety Section is a forum for industrial and municipal fire and safety professionals to network and share ideas and experiences.

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Community Safety Grant

The Community Safety- Emergency Planning, Response and Outreach Grant will help communities work together through a Local Emergency Planning Committee to implement emergency planning, response and outreach to prepare their residents for over-the-road, rail and pipeline hazmat incidents, especially in rural areas.

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The Assistance for Local Emergency Response Training (ALERT) Grant provides hazmat training for volunteer or remote emergency personnel responding to incidents involving rail transport of crude oil, ethanol and other flammable liquids.

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Hazmat Events
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Hazmat response scene

The IAFC hazmat topic area focuses on:

  • Providing information, resources and training for first responders across a variety of hazardous materials and dangerous goods industries, types of incidents and modes of transportation.
  • Developing and sharing lessons learned from major incidents.
  • Monitoring trends in the fire and emergency response community and industry.
  • Making recommendations toward regulations and policy and the development of new equipment and associated training and tactics.