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Recommended Fire Department Response to Energy Storage Systems (ESS) Part 1

Events involving ESS Systems with Lithium-ion batteries can be extremely dangerous. All fire crews must follow department policy, and train all staff on response to incidents involving ESS. Compromised lithium-ion batteries can produce significant amounts of flammable gases with potential risk of deflagration and fire.

  1. If a commercial or utility install, follow pre-plan and do not enter structure.
  2. Residential setting response, control power to the unit, ventilate the area, and protect exposures.
  3. In all cases contact manufacture technical support as soon as possible.

This guide serves as a resource for emergency responders with regards to safety surrounding lithium ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS). Each manufacturer has specific response guidelines that should be made available to first responders prior to activation.

ESS systems come in many shapes and sizes. They may be affiliated with renewable systems (wind, photovoltaic systems, etc) or used as standby power. ESS Systems can be installed in single family homes too large commercial and utility applications.


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