Professional Development Committee - Recommended Reading

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t
Learn what makes some feel fulfilled/inspired with work while others do not.
True Leadership: Twelve Principles Public Safety Leaders Must Adopt to Be Successful in the 21st Century
The book highlights critical principles needed to address leadership challenges.
Leadership actions resulting in a crew of confident, inspired problem-solvers eager to take the initiative & responsibility for their actions
Sticking Points: How to Get 5 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come Apart
This book identifies the 12 places where the 5 generations typically come apart in the workplace
Invention of Tradition
This book explores how traditions are at times a recent invention rather than an established ritual
Crucial Conversations
This book draws our attention to those defining moments that literally shape our lives, our relationships, and our world
Atlas of the Heart
Pesearch on accurately naming an experience- doesn’t give the experience more power—it gives us the power of understanding, meaning, and choice.
The Giving Tree
This book reminds us of self awareness and creating balance in our lives as leaders
Think Again
Learn how to build the intellectual & emotional muscle we need to stay curious enough about the world to actually change it
The Social Animal: The Hidden Sources of Love, Character, and Achievement
This book discusses the importance of human relationships, how those relationships are formed, and how the are fundamental to our lives.
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