EFO Election

Voting begins April 18 for the At Large Director-Missouri Valley position. To be eligible to vote for the Missouri Valley Director, make sure your EFO membership is current, Missouri Valley Division membership is current and you are paid through April 30.

Proposed EFO section bylaw changes: Available here (pdf).  To be eligible to vote for the section bylaw changes, make sure your EFO membership is current and you are paid through April 30.

The elected director will serve a three-year, term beginning at FRI 2021 in Charlotte, NC.

The 2021 EFO section election will be run exclusively online; the voting period opens on April 18 and ends May 17 at 11:59 PM ET. Your ballot will be sent from elections@iafc.org via surveymonkey.com. To ensure it arrives safely in your inbox, make sure that "surveymonkey.com" is whitelisted (approved domain) with your email provider. 

For general election questions, email elections@iafc.org or phone 703-273-0911. 

Meet the 2021 EFO Section Candidates for At Large Director-Missouri Valley

Candidates appear in alphabetical order by last name.

Dave Cline, Smithville Area (MO) Fire Protection District 

Fire Chief 

I currently serve as the Fire Chief of the Smithville Area Fire Protection District in the Kansas City, Missouri metropolitan area.

I started my fire service experience in 1993. In 2018 I was promoted to Fire Chief of the Smithville Area Fire Protection District. I completed the Executive Fire Officer Program in 2019. 

I am interested in serving the EFO Section to support the members of the section and promote the EFO program within the IAFC membership. For me personally the EFO Program was a great experience. The products of the research work that I completed as part of the program have been implemented in my organization; and I truly feel it had a positive impact not only in my department but the community I serve. I believe any EFO graduate would say, the relationships formed within the program are invaluable. The experience has truly strengthened my professional network. These two points are why I want to work to strengthen the EFO section and draw more IAFC members to attend the program. I had the privilege of being in the program as the recent changes were being implemented. The academy leadership has retooled the program to better serve students and fire departments by utilizing new formats and deliveries.

As the Director representing the Missouri Valley, I would work to draw more IAFC members to complete the program while supporting those current members of the section. I believe in the positive effects EFO program graduates have within their departments and communities. 

David Daley, South Metro (CO) Fire Rescue

Battalion Chief

David Daley is a fifteen-year veteran of the IAFC and he is the current EFO Section At Large Director for the Missouri Valley. He also serves on the Safety Health and Survival Section. He holds a B.S. in finance (Magna Cum Laude) and an MBA from the University of Colorado. He is a 2011 graduate of the EFO program and is also a Chief Fire Officer with the Center for Public Safety Excellence and a member of the Institution of Fire Engineers. David has served as a Fire Marshall, Training Chief, District Chief and is currently serving as a Battalion Chief.

David is a past President of the Denver Metro Fire Chiefs Association. He was part of the team that developed the DHS Target Capabilities list and is a board member of the Denver Urban Area Security Initiative. He was part of the team that developed the state’s homeland security strategic plan in 2008 and assisted the roll out of the capabilities assessment as well as the strategic plan.

David is motivated to seek ways to improve the EFO program through the IAFC. The current program has been thoroughly updated and revamped. Dave feels one of the purposes of the EFO section is to keep the EFO program at NFA current and meaningful.

Jason Hoevelmann, Florissant Valley (MO) Fire Protection District

Fire Chief

My name is Jason Hoevelmann, and I am the Fire Chief for the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District in North St. Louis County, Missouri. I am currently in the EFO program.

I have been in the fire service as a volunteer and career firefighter for a combination of more than 30 years. I have been a career firefighter for more than 25 years and have been the fire chief in my current fire district for two years. I hold a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Oregon University and am working on a master’s degree from Columbia Southern University. I am also a cohort member in Harvard’s NPLI Crisis Meta-Leadership program that will conclude in June. I teach and present on leadership, command, and officer development throughout North America.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to support the EFO section in the future. The importance of formal education for our fire officers has never been more needed. Our evolving society will require our members and officers to think critically and to utilize data, research, and other cognitive skills to solve societal issues as they relate to public safety. I see this section as a leader in promoting that role.

Cory Schmidt, Grand Island (NE) Fire Department 

Fire Chief

It is my honor to be a candidate for the IAFC’s EFO Section for the Director position of the Missouri Valley.  I feel my nearly 29-years of career fire service experience, including 8 years as a fire chief, have helped me to obtain the skills needed to serve with the other professionals in the EFO Section.   As the fire chief of a mid-sized, fire-based EMS transport department, I have a strong understanding of the many challenges faced by the fire service today as well as those issues looming on the horizon.  

I hold an MBA, BS in management, and an associate degree in fire protection technology.  In 2017, I completed the NFA’s Executive Fire Officer Program.  I am a past winner of the Executive Fire Officer Program’s outstanding research award.   I also earned the coveted Chief Fire Officer designation from the Center for Public Safety Excellence.  I believe these accomplishments demonstrate my support of the core values embraced by the EFO Section of the IAFC.

My platform is to be an advocate for continued learning at the executive fire officer level and to improve both the safety and professionalism of firefighters through education and other professional development opportunities.  I embrace the principles and philosophies the EFO Section represents and, if elected, will work on your behalf to further the agenda of this important section.  I’m humbled by this opportunity and excited for the possibility to help make a difference by serving as an EFO Section Director.

Uncontested Elections

The following positions were uncontested:

  • Chair, Assistant Chief Jo-Ann Lorber, Fort Lauderdale (FL) Fire Rescue
  • Vice Chair, Deputy Fire Chief William F. Hyde II, Rogers (AR) Fire Department
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Fire Chief Gregory Barton, Beverly Hills (CA) Fire Department
  • At-Large Director-Southwestern, Assistant Chief Chad Roberson, St. George (LA) Fire Protection District
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