EMS Election

The IAFC and EMS Section elections will be open from May 25 to June 27. The election will be run exclusively online. Electronic ballots for the IAFC and EMS Section elections will be sent to your email inbox in May. Official results will be announced at Fire-Rescue International in San Antonio in August.

This year, there are three positions under consideration, but only one contested position.

2022 EMS elections and the candidates

Vice-Chair (Uncontested)

Vance Riley, Fire Chief, Pearland (TX) Fire Department

Chief Vance Riley has 42 years in the Fire Service, 30 years as Fire Chief, and 35 years as an EMT-Paramedic. An IAFC member since 1986, he serves as Vice Chair--EMS Section. Chief Riley has served as President of the Texas Fire Chiefs Association with board service over 12 years. He served as Chair of Texas Governor’s Emergency Medical Service & Trauma Advisory (GETAC) for 6 years with council service of 12 years. Riley has a BS Degree in Industrial Technology from Texas A&M University, an MPA from Drake University and is an EFO graduate.

My name is Vance Riley, Fire Chief, City of Pearland FD, Texas. I began my career as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT for my hometown FD 42 years ago. Since that time, I have served as chief of volunteer, combination and full-time departments, most of which provided ALS transport. In my two most recent Fire Chief jobs, we planned and consolidated separate Fire & EMS Departments into one FD for those cities. My GETAC experience gave me the opportunity to work with a variety of Texas EMS and Trauma system stakeholders, from prevention through rehabilitation. These and other similar career experiences give me the perspective of viewing EMS issues from many different aspects and types of fire departments. After years of getting help from the IAFC and its members, I want to give back to you. I was appointed to fill the vacant positions of Secretary, 2016; Vice Chair, 2017; and elected Vice Chair in 2018, of the EMS Section. It is my desire to continue to serve this Section and the IAFC as Vice Chair.

A very high percentage of our daily business is EMS. Our Section must lead the way for fire-based EMS in our nation. We must be the go-to for any fire department that needs help or the latest information about EMS. Years of dedicated leaders have built a foundation and framework of our great Section. I will work hard for you to grow our Section membership and increase attendance at Fire-Rescue Med and other Section events. We must continuously improve and keep our Section members informed so that fire-based EMS remains the tip of the EMS spear. I am passionate about fire-based EMS, our Section and would be grateful for your vote to serve you. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Corey Johnson, Assistant Chief of Operations, Williston (ND) Fire Department

Assistant Chief Johnson has over 14 years of experience in emergency services, including fire service only, EMS service only, and dual service organizations. He currently serves as the Assistant Chief of Operations for the City of Williston Fire Department in North Dakota. The department is the only full-time fire and EMS service in the state. Assistant Chief Johnson is a board member on the North Dakota EMS Association. In his home state of Pennsylvania, he was a Paramedic Supervisor and member of the Pennsylvania EMS Strike Team.

My name is Corey Johnson of the City of Williston Fire Department in North Dakota where I currently serve as the Assistant Chief of Operations. I began my career in the fire service in 2008 as a volunteer firefighter and after falling in the love with emergency services I decided to make it my career in 2009 by becoming an EMT. Where I lived in western Pennsylvania, there were no career firefighters and the only way to be an emergency responder fulltime was through the EMS services. After working several years as an EMT I became a paramedic. Looking for a fulltime career in the fire service I found my way to North Dakota where I was able to become part of a service that was rapidly growing and developing.

Working for private EMS, public standalone EMS, and fire-based EMS taught me the value of the services that were provided to the community. Many argue that EMS is a part of healthcare and others that it is part of public safety. I believe that it is both but rooted first in public safety. With that, two areas of EMS have been of particular interest for me. Disaster response and TEMS. While working in Pennsylvania I created a program for my agency to join the Pennsylvania EMS Strike Team. In North Dakota I helped to develop a fully functional TEMS component to our regions SWAT Team.

As a member of the executive committee, it will be my goal to continue to promote EMS as a profession, promote the value of public and fire-based EMS, and specialty response teams such as disaster response and TEMS. Thank you for your consideration for this position and if elected I look forward to serving the association in this role.

Kevin Joles, Division Chief, Lawrence (KS) County Fire Medical

Kevin Joles, NREMT-P is the Division Chief of EMS for Lawrence-Douglas County Fire-Medical (Kansas) and Advanced Cardiac Resuscitation Consortium Board Member. Before his position as Chief, Kevin was Captain of EMS Operations and EMS Training in the City of Olathe where he led clinical education for the City and collaboratively within the Johnson County EMS system. In his nearly 26 years in emergency services, Kevin has found a passion for superior pre-hospital clinical care, and his progressive mentality has him spearheading new initiatives for cardiac arrest and working diligently to achieve the department's International Accreditation and an ISO 1 rating.

My name is Kevin Joles and I am the Division Chief of EMS for Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical in Lawrence, Kansas, an aggressive and progressive fire-based EMS and transport service. I have been a Nationally Registered Paramedic for 18 years and in the fire service just shy of 26 years. I have been fortunate to work for several departments, starting as a volunteer, eventually obtaining a full-time position leading to a fulfilling career in the fire service. I am proud to be continuing a family tradition in public service following my Uncle and my much older brother currently serving in the Pacific Northwest as Engineer/Acting Officer. I have held the position of Firefighter/Engineer (13 years), Engine Captain (3 years), Training Captain of EMS (3 years), Battalion Chief (2 ½ years), and most currently the Division Chief of EMS (4 ½ years).

I have obtained an Associate’s Degree in Paramedicine, a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Human Relations, and a Kansas Certified Public Manager (CPM). I currently Chair our department’s Health and Safety Committee which advocates, researches, establishes, and recommends guidelines for continued firefighter health and a safe work environment. I oversee EMS staffing for Special Events, which includes large-scale collegiate events for the Big 12 and numerous community events

What makes our industry special is our people. I appreciate the professional and personal relationships I have been fortunate enough to create over the years. These affiliations allow me to interact with members from other departments the community and relational partners alike. Communication and active listening in this role are crucial to providing quality work for you and our fellow IAFC members.

My education and experience provide a solid base necessary to effectively and efficiently fulfill the responsibilities as the Secretary/Treasurer for the EMS Section. Highlighting the EMS Section and advocating for exceptional prehospital medicine all the while magnifying the presence of EMS in our industry is a group effort. I look forward to being a part of creating opportunity and growth in the EMS section of the IAFC. I truly do appreciate your upcoming support.

Director-At-Large (Uncontested)

Lee Richardson, Deputy Chief – Operations, City of Sachse (TX) Fire-Rescue

Deputy Chief Richardson has over 37 years of experience in public safety, 20 plus in leadership. Currently, in Sachse, TX he oversees Operations, EMS and Training. Chief Richardson has been a member of the IAFC since 2014. Chief Richardson holds a BS in Emergency Health Sciences, and an MPA. Chief Richardson also holds designation as a CEMSO, CFO and CTO from the CPSE and EFO from the NFA. He also holds multiple Instructor credentials in EMS, Fire and LE. He holds FP-C and TP-C from the IBSC. He currently represents the IAFC on the NREMT’s EMS employer Advisory Group.

My name is Lee Richardson. I have been active in EMS for over 37 years and the fire service for 25 years. I started my career at a rural hospital- based EMS service and then was the EMS Chief for a 3rd city service and a full-time flight paramedic prior to entering the fire service. I was the EMS Coordinator for a very busy suburban fire department near Dallas Texas for 13 years prior to relocating to Iowa. I was a Company Officer for 3 years and oversaw the EMS Division prior to being promoted to Assistant Chief. I accepted a position with a suburb of Dallas Texas in September of 2019 where I oversee Operations, EMS and Training. In addition, I have been teaching EMS initial and continuing education courses for 30 years.

The ability to effectively communicate and to articulate ideas and concepts is a vital function of every leader in every organization and it is especially true in the fire service. My diverse experience has allowed me to develop into a leader with vision and I have ability to work with key members in the fire service no matter the size or type of department. I believe that in this unstable political climate in is imperative that the fire service stay abreast of changes that potentially effect the future of fire-based EMS in driving positive change.

The EMS Section must be the voice for and the driving force behind sustaining fire-based EMS. This means educating on the key issues such as the current staffing shortage and Readiness Funding. I believe we should also be providing resources to assure that fire-based EMS not only survives but thrives in this dynamic healthcare system we are a part of. It is imperative that we are transparent and work to represent all fire-based EMS in the US. There must be open and honest communication not only within our organization but the industry we represent as well.

I will serve with honor and be the honest voice expected from its leadership. I thank you for your time and ask for your vote.

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