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We Rebuilt the Website Just for You

It's finally here: a newly designed website focused on providing the best and most relevant fire and emergency service content in an easy-to-find, mobile-friendly way.

With our redesign, we're launching a host of new resources and information compiled by fire and EMS leaders on various IAFC committees and task forces:

  • Active Shooter Toolkit – A collection of resources and information from a wide variety of organizations to help local departments prepare, respond and recover from active-shooter and associated incidents.
  • Topic-based portals including hazmat, volunteer, wildland fire and others – Whether you know the specific resource you need to access quickly or want to browse the wide variety of articles, tools, training events, sections, committees and more for a particular topic, our new topic portals have you covered. 
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems Toolkit - A collection of resources to help fire/EMS agencies put together a clear plan on UAS that addresses both the benefits and risks.

Our aim is to help current and future leaders in fire and EMS do their jobs more easily. More people are visiting our site from mobile devices these days, so we've organized content in a manner that allows you to access topics you're most interested in on the go. And also deliver content like SOPs/SOGs, thought leadership, news and events (to name a few), in one easy-to-find place you know and trust, on-the-go.

The site is fresh so we'll be fixing issues as they arise. Also, we'll continue to make iterative changes based on feedback and analytics. In the meantime, feel free to explore the site and let us know what you think.

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