COS Election

The 2017 IAFC general and section elections open April 27. Voting closes June 8. Watch your email for ballot details and voting instructions.

The Company Officers Section (COS) election will include voting for four board seats and two minor changes in the section bylaws.

Four board seats are open. Three will each serve a 3-year term and one will serve a 2-year term to the complete the remainder of the term vacated by the passing of board member Captain Craig Aman.

Meet your candidates:

  • Deputy Fire Marshal Jonathan Danzer - Montevallo (Alabama) Fire Rescue Department - view bio (pdf)
  • Lieutenant Christopher M. Divver - Clifton (New Jersey) Fire Department - view bio (pdf)
  • Captain Mark Duerr - Stockton (California) Fire Department - view bio (pdf)
  • Lieutenant Ian Emmons - Washington Township (Ohio) Fire Department - view bio (pdf)
  • Battalion Chief Jason Hoevelmann - Florissant Valley (Missouri) Fire Protection District - view bio (pdf)
  • Lieutenant Donald Scott - Alexandria (Virginia) Fire/EMS Department - view bio (pdf)
  • Captain Brian Zaitz - Metro West (Missouri) Fire Protection District - view bio (pdf)

The incumbent section chair, Captain Mike Jaffa, is running unopposed. As a result, he will serve another 3-year term through FRI 2020.  View Captain Jaffa's bio (pdf)

There are 2 minor changes proposed. View bylaws. Changes are in red.