FLSS Election

Voting ends June 17 for two at-large director seats.

The elected at-large directors will serve three-year terms, beginning at FRI 2020 in Phoenix, AZ.

The 2020 FLS Section election will be run exclusively online.

For general election questions, email elections@iafc.org.

Meet the 2020 FLS Section Board Candidates

Candidates appear in alphabetical order by last name.

Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal Elizabeth Bednarcik
Elizabeth Bednarcik, Gallatin (TN) Fire Department
Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal

I am interested in a member at large position on the Fire and Life Safety Section board. For the past six years, I have served in the Prevention Division at the Gallatin Fire Department. I have served in the fire service since 2004 and have found my passion in helping departments and communities understand the best practices for reducing risks. My responsibilities as the Fire Marshal include overseeing investigations, inspections, plans review, and community risk reduction efforts. I am also a contract instructor for the National Fire Academy, where I am certified to teach nine different Community Risk Reduction classes. I currently serve as the Vice President of Middle Tennessee on the Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association. I am also a member of the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs and a member of the Fire Life Safety Section.

I am currently finishing my graduate degree in Public Administration and will complete the Executive Fire Officer program in July of 2020.

Thank you for your consideration for this position.

Assistant Chief Mike Carsten
Mike Carsten, Tucson (AZ) Fire Department
Assistant Chief of Business Services/Community Risk Reduction

Assistant Chief Mike Carsten has proudly served at the Tucson Fire Department (TFD) since 1998 and has been in the fire service since 1991. He currently serves as the Assistant Chief of Business Service and Community Risk Reduction. With the Business Services Bureau his responsibilities include direct oversight of Fire Prevention, Logistics, Accreditation, as well as IT/Technology. He promoted through the ranks of Firefighter, Paramedic, Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief and currently Assistant Chief. Assistant Chief Carsten has served as adjunct faculty with Pima Community College since 2002. He is an instructor in the Public Safety and Emergency Services Institute, teaching Strategy & Tactics. He has served as a representative for the Fire and Life Safety Section on the program planning committee for Fire Rescue International (FRI) since 2016. In addition, he serves on the program planning committee for the Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference sponsored by the IAFC, since its inception. In his current role as Assistant Chief and formerly as the Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal of the Fire Prevention Division, he has been strongly focused on reducing injuries, life loss, and property loss through focused attention on Fire Prevention and Life Safety Initiatives. He is a strong supporter and driver of the Tucson Fire Department’s Community Risk Reduction (CRR) efforts, which includes a collaborative working relationship with not only TFD employees, but also all other City of Tucson Departments and a large amount of community partners. The ultimate goal being to make Tucson safe through collaborative and community engagement.

Battalion Chief Fire Marshal Kathy Clay
Kathy Clay, Jackson Hole (WY) Fire/EMS
Battalion Chief Fire Marshal

Please consider this letter of request for nomination to the FLSS board for At-Large Member position. I have served as Battalion Chief Fire Marshal for Jackson Hole Fire/EMS since 2011, working my way up from a volunteer firefighter position beginning in 2002.

Through the work of the Prevention Bureau, I have implemented community risk reduction programs which have positively impacted risk reduction for our citizens, visitors, and firefighters. Our department offers car seat checkup appointments; we successfully implemented an aggressive carbon monoxide campaign, providing free CO devices to homes which qualified; our department enforces the ICC Wildland Urban Interface Code, building fire resilient structures and enhancing firefighter safe zones within the wildland urban interface; and we have strong interagency and collaborative partnerships with government agencies, Teton County Emergency Management Office, and Red Cross, complementing and enhancing the risk reduction effort in our community.

Local ordinances have required fire sprinklers in commercial and residential structures over 5,000 square feet for many years in this county. I am a passionate fire sprinkler advocate and have witnessed many fire-saves from fire sprinkle activations.

I am a board member of the Wyoming Association of Fire Marshals, sit on the governor-appointed Council on Fire Prevention, Vision 20/20 Steering Committee member, former International Association of Wildland Fire board member. I have instructed at FDIC, Colorado Risk Reduction Conference of the Rockies, and Big Sky Wildfire Summit, and have been published by iChiefs newsletter and Fire Rescue Magazine.

EMT and Fire Lieutenant Jessica Lochart
Jessica Lochart, Nevada (IA) Fire Department
EMT and Fire Lieutenant – Specializing in Community Education and Outreach

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree from Iowa State University in Community and Public Health. I have served on the Nevada Fire Department for almost six years serving as an EMT and Fire Lieutenant. My lieutenant duties have an emphasis on community risk reduction practices as well public education and outreach programs. I have my Fire Instructor I certification as well as I recently graduated from the National Fire Academy as a Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialist. I am also an American Heart Association BLS Instructor. 

Community risk reduction is something I am passionate about as well as interacting with the community and educating all age groups on topics varying from hands-only CPR to Stovetop Firestops to public AED locations in our community. In Nevada where I reside, we are currently working on community risk reduction programs and better educating our community members on what they can do to help prevent fires and keep themselves safe. 

In the past few years I have been a part of implementing Stovetop Firestops in every apartment in a building where we used to receive a number of calls for stovetop fires that were related to unsupervised cooking. We have hosted free hands-only CPR demonstrations open to the public at the Fire Department and are currently working to register every public AED in our community which can be seen on a free-of-charge app on cell phones. I look forward to being a part of risk reduction and education in the future.


Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal Randy Metz
Randy Metz, Carlsbad (CA) Fire Department
Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal

My name is Randy Metz and I serve as the Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal of the Carlsbad Fire Department in Carlsbad, CA. I am seeking an At-Large member position on the FLSS Board of Directors so that I can expand my service to the national fire service, after serving at the regional and statewide levels to support the efforts of fire prevention officers.

As a board member, I hope to contribute to the following:

  • Supporting the efforts to promote community risk reduction throughout all fire departments across the country.
  • Continue to advocate for residential fire sprinklers nationwide, just as I have successfully in California.
  • Support the concept of data driven organizations, whereas the fire service can offer validated statistics to support our positions for and against future code change proposals
  • Support the existing partnerships we have established with industry and community education organizations, while seeking additional strategic partners for future growth and targeted branding of our mission and message.
  • Utilize my existing relationships established through state and national committee service to create a public education network where the fire service partners with our community organizations to promote all-risk public education through all mediums.
  • Look for ways to improve the culture of the fire service so that the efforts of fire prevention officers are viewed as equally important as our fire suppression and response efforts.

I look forward to serving as your board member and I would appreciate your support in the election process.

Division Chief/Fire Marshal Jon Napier
Jon Napier, Puget Sound (WA) Regional Fire Authority
Division Chief/Fire Marshal

Jon has served his community for 29 years in both combination and career fire departments. He has filled various roles from fire fighter to executive level chief officer and as a fire commissioner. He currently is the Division Chief of Community Risk Reduction with Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, and a Fire Commissioner with East Pierce Fire and Rescue. Leading the department’s fire and life safety programming for 15 years has provided him diverse experiences in community risk reduction. As a fire commissioner, he has supported the department’s fire and life safety efforts by increasing fire prevention staffing and supporting a sustainable funding model for fire and life safety programs.

Jon has achieved the following professional designations, credentials and degrees:

  • CPSE – Chief Fire Officer
  • CPSE – Fire Marshal
  • ICC – Certified Fire Code Official
  • ICC – Certified Fire Marshal
  • ICC – Certified Building Official
  • Master’s in Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Fire Service Administration

Jon is an adjunct instructor at Bates Technical College where he instructs in the Journeyman Fire Fighter Apprenticeship Training program. This provides an opportunity for him to give back to the fire service community by training the next generation in fire codes and enforcement. He is enrolled in the Executive Fire Officer program so he can remain current and learn the latest skills in leadership.

Fire Marshal Shawn Olson
Shawn Olson, Clackamas (OR) Fire District #1
Fire Marshal

My name is Shawn Olson. I am the Fire Marshal-Battalion Chief for Clackamas Fire District #1 in Portland, Oregon.

My vision and goal as Fire Marshal, is to strive for continuous improvement through involvement and education. To make decisions that which are honest and always ensuring those decisions reflect the best interest of Clackamas Fire District #1 and the Fire Marshal’s Office. My philosophy as I go through my career is, I have one shot to make a difference. Every new day is a chance to make things better than I found them.

My duty as the Fire Marshal, is to ensure the Fire Marshal’s Office continuously moves forward with innovated ways to reduce risks associated with the citizens that we serve and operations level staffing. To accomplish this, we will continuously monitor our current risk reduction programs and develop new ones.

My commitment to the Fire & Life Safety Board, is to provide meaningful ideas based on my experiences and to provide energetic input which correlates with the overall vision of the team.

As a previous chair, now co-chair, for the Oregon Fire Sprinkler Coalition, I am a big proponent in educating our stakeholders and citizens about residential fire sprinkler and promoting firefighter safety.

I greatly look forward to the opportunity to join the Fire & Life Safety Section of the IAFC.

Deputy Fire Chief Joseph Powers
Joseph Powers, Charlottesville (VA) Fire Department
Deputy Fire Chief – Community Risk Reduction

Born to a father in sales and mother in education, I was fortunate to move frequently throughout my school-aged years. Living in Florida, Alaska, and several states in between, I realized the importance of culture, perspective, education, and influential relationships early in my life. With nearly twenty years in the professional fire service, I rose through the ranks in a metro-sized department, spending roughly half my career in positions such as an inspector, investigator, strategic planner, CRR practitioner. I always fought for evidence-based best-practice service models to focus on producing measurable community outcomes.

Today, I am the Deputy Fire Chief serving the Charlottesville (VA) Fire Department, driving community risk reduction. I believe the value of our industry today is not in primary emergency response, but in building a more resilient community through risk assessment, developing partnerships, and matching resources to needs. The IAFC Fire and Life Safety Section Board exhibits an excellent opportunity to help departments and individuals produce positive community outcomes.

Over the past years, I spoke at local and international conferences to influence our industry toward models of community risk reduction, focuses on outcomes, and leveraging partnerships. In addition, I worked with departments to identify solutions for sustainability, political support, and community success.

I respectfully request consideration for nomination to the IAFC FLSS board position. I believe I can leverage my experiences and knowledge to aid the board in achieving positive change. I look forward to the opportunity, and thank you for your consideration.

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