EVMS Elections

Great Lakes Division Candidate (Uncontested)

Scott Souders, Chief, Green Township (OH) Fire & EMS

My name is Scott Souders and I currently sit on the EVMS board of the IAFC. I have been part of this group for the past nine years representing the Great Lakes Division, and recently served as section chair. With my background in auto/truck technology, coupled with my fire service experience, I have a natural interest for the emergency vehicle industry, and how the fire service can affect the future of apparatus manufacturing. I also have a desire to help with problem solving, particularly when it surrounds my occupation.

In addition to serving as the fire chief to my home town area (Green Township Ohio, Hamilton County) of 60,000 residents, I run a small business repairing fire pumps, generators, and an array of small engine equipment.

As I have done over the past nine years, I wish to continue serving the IAFC as a board member of the Emergency Vehicle Management Section, and supporting the best interest of the fire service, and how it relates to emergency vehicle interaction.

Federal and Military Services Section Representative (Uncontested)

John McDonald, COR III, GSA Office of Motor Vehicle Management

For 28 years John was employed by the DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, where he served as the uniformed Director of Fleet Management for a fleet of vehicles worth over 30 million dollars. During this time, he was responsible for developing specifications for purchasing, repairing and maintaining all department vehicles, tools, hose, breathing apparatus, and specialized rescue and medical equipment.

John has been with GSA for 22 years and currently manages the light vocational vehicle, police, ambulance & emergency vehicle programs utilized by the military and federal executive agencies for the procurement of their non-tactical vehicles.

John is the custodian of the Federal Specification for Ambulances (KKK-A-1822)

John is a principal member of the following NFPA technical committees:


Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

Fire Department Apparatus

Emergency Vehicle Mechanic Technicians Professional Qualifications

John has been an EVMS board member for 22 years. He has represented the Fed-Mil section on the board for the last 13 years. In his 17 years as treasurer, he has grown the section’s operating budget by over 300%

At-Large Candidate (Uncontested)

Kevin D. Hardwick, OFE/OFC. Fire Chief - Ret.

I am excited to seek election to the IAFC/ EVMS Section Board of Directors. Being a past Director for the VCOS section I understand the importance of being elected to a trusted and responsible position. During my time on the VCOS board, I served as lead on the publications, “Amber Ribbon Report”, “Fire Apparatus Service and Maintenance”, Fire Apparatus Design and Specifications” and Firefighter Cancer Reduction Practices. I was also part of the update/ rewrite committee for “Emergency Vehicle Safety Initiative” published by USFA.

Leadership in combination departments is challenging these days. Many departments are struggling with managing emergency vehicle issues and projects. As leaders, we must lead our organizations through these challenges and continue to deliver effective fire protection to our community. I have over 48 years of loyal and dedicated service in career, volunteer and combination departments, with more than 30 in a leadership role. My career has been with suburban and also with an international airport fire department. I have served the past 14 years as Fire Chief of a combination department. I appreciate your support so that I may continue to work as part of the IAFC in the EVMS section.

I have extensive experience working with several fire apparatus manufacturers. Understanding what each manufacturer has to offer and their manufacturing processes has added to my knowledge. Emergency vehicles are the largest purchase other than a station in our departments. Technologies have advanced at amazing rates. We must stay ahead of those innovations. Firefighter safety is of paramount importance, especially vehicle safety. We must establish that our fire emergency vehicles are always ready to respond without delay, and in any environmental condition.

Thank you in advance for allowing me to be a representative on the EVMS Board. My life has been dedicated to the fire service.

Southwestern Division Candidate (Uncontested)

Harold W. McDonald, Resource Management District Chief / Master Mechanic / Fleet Liaison

An established leader, with over 38 years of emergency service management experience, providing supervision and both strategic and budget oversight. Proficient at integrating processes and people effectively to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Proven record of successfully executing programs to enhance employee relations and employee growth through advanced training and performance evaluation, while resolving grievances with minimal disciplinary action, supporting employee motivation through rewards and Incentives programs. Innate ability to attain corroboration, resulting in building a ‘team mentality’, creating a strong and cohesive workforce. Demonstrated ability to address and overcome challenges with tact, whilst successfully communicating the needs of the organization, and empowering people to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently. Skilled at building relational bonds, blending ideas and forming collaborations between both organizations and individuals leading to robust, structured teams. Adept at developing, planning, and executing a strategic vision with both internal and external stakeholders.

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