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Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program - COVID-19 Impact on US National Overdose Crisis

The ODMAP team continues to evaluate and analyze overdose data to better understand patterns and alert public health and safety partners of drug overdose trends. This study is an attempt to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on overdoses, and specifically looks at ODMAP submissions since the inception of stateimplemented stay-at-home orders.

The analysis indicates the following:

  • After March 19, 2020, 61.84 percent of participating counties experienced an increase in overdose submissions;
  • There was a 17.59 percent increase in suspected overdose submissions when comparing the weeks prior to and following the commencement of state-mandated stay-at-home orders;
  • Detected overdose clusters have shifted from traditional centralized, urban locations to adjacent and surrounding suburban and rural areas; and
  • The number of spike alerts and the duration of overdose spikes have increased nationally


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