IAFC Members Pass Amendment to Constitution and Bylaws

IAFC members this year overwhelmingly approved the following amendment to the IAFC Constitution and Bylaws (CBL):

Do you support the proposed change to the IAFC's Constitution and Bylaws to require a 48-hour advance notification to offer a resolution or amendment to the IAFC Constitution and Bylaws from the floor during the IAFC Business Meeting at Fire-Rescue International?

According to Chief Robert Spurr, IAFC Elections Committee chair, the ballot question passed in June with 2,507 affirmative votes and 230 negative votes (91.6%).

Specifically, the amendment is reflected in Article V, Section 4(3), Subsection 2(c), and Article VII, Section 2.

The amendment was proposed and approved by the IAFC Constitution, Bylaws, and Resolutions Committee. The committee felt that the 48-hour notification would provide a member wishing to make a motion from the floor – whether an amendment to the Constitution and Bylaws or a resolution – ample time to ensure it is offered properly at the IAFC Business Meeting. It would also ensure that the officer presiding at the Business Meeting is able to verify the members present are qualified to vote and prepared to properly manage the motion, including communicating a recommendation from the CBR Committee, if applicable.

Members with questions are asked to contact the IAFC.

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