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IAFC/IAFF Candidate Physical Ability Test

IAFC Supports the IAFC/IAFF Candidate Physical Ability Test

IAFC and the IAFF recognize the need of the fire service to hire physically capable people for the job of fire fighter. In addition, both organizations understand the need to increase the level of diversity in the fire service.

The IAFC/IAFF Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is a validated functional based candidate physical ability test created for the fire service consisting of eight job task simulations and a time limit. The U.S. Department of Justice worked closely with IAFC and the IAFF during the comprehensive program development process.

This program covers all aspects of administering this test: developing recruiting and mentoring programs, preparing candidates to be successful, setting up and administering the test. The entire validation process is discussed in detail, as well as the legal issues that departments might face when implementing the actual testing. The CPAT is a comprehensive program that is to be implemented in its entirety; partial use of this document is prohibited.

The goal of the IAFC/IAFF Candidate Physical Ability Test is to improve the quality of life of all uniformed personnel, and to provide for future physically qualified candidates. Hiring physically capable people will promote better service for the community, improve firefighter performance, and will assist firefighters to experience healthy careers and retirement.

ADOPTED BY: IAFC Board of Directors, May 2000

Download the IAFC/IAFF Candidate Physical Ability Test (pdf)

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