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Community Safety Planning and Training 

The IAFC Hazmat Center is proud to announce that they received the Community Safety–Emergency Planning Response and Outreach (CS–EPRO) Grant from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration in November 2018.   

 The CS-EPRO Grant is designed to create community training, preparing residents for over-the-road, rail and pipeline hazmat incidents, especially in rural areas. Communities will work together to be educated and informed about how to operate in the event of hazmat emergencies. The trusted voice of the fire department, local emergency planners and the local emergency planning committee (LEPC) will be the leaders of this message. This program will assist these groups with education, tools and resources to actively implement this program within their communities.   

As 2019 begins, so will the efforts of the IAFC Hazmat Center in completing the mission goals of the grant, which include but are not limited to the following:  

  • Help better educate first responders, local emergency planners and LEPCs on hazardous materials and equip them with the knowledge and tools to speak with members of their communities.

  • Stress  personal responsibility to people living within a rural rail community and incorporate them into the hazmat solution by educating them in hazmat preparation, prevention and action to take based on local authorities’ directives.

  • Teach the public to prepare well in advance of a hazmat incident by taking personal responsibility long before the threat of a hazmat spill.   

To learn more about the CS-EPRO Grant, download this informational 2-pager or write to us at HazmatFC@iafc.org.  













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