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New Ethanol Emergency Response Training Now Available

If ethanol and other hazardous materials are transported through your jurisdiction, this new training can prepare responders with the resources needed to react quickly and safely to an ethanol-related emergency.

With over 16 billion gallons produced in the United States annually, ethanol is one of the top hazardous materials shipped by rail. Although more than 99.99% of hazardous materials are safely loaded, shipped, transported and unloaded, incidents do occur.

The new video series with course materials, Ethanol Emergency Response Safety Training is an update of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) Ethanol Emergency Response training course. It is available from RFA and Transportation Community Awareness Emergency Response (TRANSCAER).

Ethanol Emergency Response Safety Training is offered in several formats:

  • Online self-study, no credit.
  • Online self-study, for credit.
  • Instructor led, virtual.
  • Instructor led, in-person.

If you or someone in your agency is interested in becoming qualified to deliver this course to emergency responders, TRANSCAER offers train-the-trainer webinars on Ethanol Emergency Response.

This new training has been released by RFA and TRANSCAER and funded via a federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration ALERT grant.

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