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IAFC President John Butler's Statement Regarding Aurora (CO) Paramedics Verdict

Chief John S. Butler
President and Chair
Board of Directors

December 28, 2023

The unprecedented criminal prosecution of Aurora (CO) Firefighter/Paramedic Jeremy Cooper and Captain Pete Cichuniec, that led to the recent verdicts against them, may have a profound and harmful impact on the delivery of pre-hospital emergency medical services.

The IAFC does not seek to relitigate this case or to argue the merits. But the politics driving this criminal prosecution sets a dangerous precedent that will weigh heavily on the minds of all pre-hospital providers, including our firefighters and paramedics, as they face similar split-second medical decisions.

Ultimately, without an astute "course correction" away from politically driven criminal prosecution, dangerous delays in time-critical patient care intervention and decreased availability of advanced prehospital emergency medical care will likely result.

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