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The Need to Know Information on Supplemental Payment Programs

  • September 20, 2022 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Online
Public Consulting Group

About This Webinar

Many of PCG’s ambulance clients across the country are familiar with Supplemental Payment Programs that yield additional federal monies for Medicaid transports, but what changings are state programs experiencing? What obstacles are new states experiencing when implementing a program? And what is on the horizon for these programs? Join the experts at PCG, as they walk us through the current state-by-state status, new audit themes and program requirements, and a look at expanding programs to include Managed Care Organization (MCO) Medicaid transports.


  • Gain a refresher on the program overview and current status
  • Explore the differences between desk reviews and audits
  • Highlight the various auditing parties in various states
  • Review the importance of maintaining proper supporting documentation
  • Learn about the two common methods developed by states to accomplish the inclusion of MCO transports
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of implementing a MCO component

Thank you to our webinar sponsor, PCG.

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