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Bringing Members Together through IAFC KnowledgeNet: Online Community Celebrates First Year of Success

At the IAFC, we hear time and again from you that one of the most valuable member benefits is knowing you're not alone, that you have a community of peers to reach out to with similar needs and with whom you can share ideas, discuss problems and collaborate on solutions.

With that in mind, just over a year ago we launched IAFC KnowledgeNet, a members-only, peer-to-peer online site to make networking and connecting with fellow IAFC members easier than ever.

Every day, members receive an email that lists discussions taking place on KnowledgeNet. In the past year alone, over 500 discussions have been created on the site on issues including personnel management, community engagement, social media, training, safety and health, recruitment and retention, incident command and operations.

In addition, KnowledgeNet has a documents library with hundreds of useful documents and resources posted by IAFC members.

KnowledgeNet is also a great way to build your personal network with fellow members. Through the member directory, you can locate any IAFC member; through their profile page, you can learn about their background and areas of interest and send them a personal invitation to connect with you.

If it's been awhile since you were last on IAFC KnowledgeNet or you've never visited the site, we encourage you to do so now. Check out your own profile page and let others get to know you better by adding a photo, updating your bio, etc.

The KnowledgeNet Getting Started Guide provides a simple set of instructions for getting started and updating your profile, engaging in the discussions and posting documents. You can access the Guide from IAFC KnowledgeNet > Documents > General Documents library.

Need help or have questions, contact Terry Monroe, IAFC membership director, by email.

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