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Does Your Department Conduct NFPA 1582-compliant Physicals?

Fairfax, Va. – The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) is looking to identify departments and physicians who currently conduct NFPA 1582-compliant physicals to glean best practices and develop case studies.

The number one killer of firefighters is cardiovascular events.  Cancer continues to grow as a major issue in the fire and emergency service. The IAFC and its Safety, Health, and Survival Section have identified annual physicals for all firefighters as the best means to curb these disturbing trends.  

To that end, the IAFC received an Assistance to Firefighter Grant/Fire Prevention and Safety award to develop A Medical Practitioner’s Guide to Conducting NFPA 1582 Physicals. This initiative is the basic, but essential building block to promote firefighter health and wellness. Physicians, both department and private, must understand how to conduct the physicals to meet those specific needs of today’s firefighter.

To accomplish this, the IAFC is standing up a working group composed of physicians who were instrumental in developing the NFPA 1582 standard and of physicians who are currently administering NFPA 1582 physicals in their departments.  The IAFC’s objective is to create a helpful checklist and provide important background and the critical nuance necessary for physicians to interpret the standard and implement the physicals according to the best practices observed in the field.

Once the guide is developed, the physicians who developed it will present at medical conferences to gain their peers’ buy-in.

To make this project a success, the IAFC needs your help. If your department is currently conducting NFPA 1582-compliant physicals and has talented physicians who can share their best practices and want to be part of this national effort that will have far-reaching impact, contact the IAFC’s project manager at FSTAR@iafc.org.  

This project is part of the IAFC’s Research and Data Analysis Center and is funded by a FEMA/Assistance to Firefighters Grant/Fire Prevention and Safety grant award. Visit FSTAResearch.org to learn more about FSTAR’s efforts to promote research within the fire and emergency service.

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