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Coaching: Mind Matters for Thought-Filled Leadership (webinar)

WebEx archive: Mind Matters for Thought-Filled Leadership (1 hour 55 minutes)

Summary: This webinar is an introduction to executive coaching and designed to help you strategize solutions for your development and enhance your leadership. Chief Keirn and Mr. O'Malley also discuss the thought-filled performance model as an effective tool to define your future goals. Other takeaways include:

  • Proven leadership tools and tactics
  • Enhanced strategic and decision making skills
  • Effective strategies for leadership development

Randy Keirn, Chief, Lealman (FL) Special Fire District
Brian O'Malley, Executive Coach and FRI Keynote Speaker

Live webinar conducted May 24, 2012

  • Topics:
    • Human Resources
    • Learn & Develop
  • Resource Type:
    • Presentation
  • Organizational Author:
    • IAFC
    • External

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