Field Guide to Tank Cars (AAR)

The guide is intended to be used by emergency responders and others involved with railroad tank cars. It provides information on the types, safety systems, stenciling, and markings of tank cars utilized to transport regulated (hazardous materials/dangerous goods) and nonregulated commodities.

Though it’s impossible to cover all types, illustrations provide a general overview of tank car types and typical fittings. They show the most common types of single-unit tank cars (a tank car tank mounted on, or forming part of, a railcar structure) currently used to transport both regulated (hazardous materials/dangerous goods) and nonregulated commodities.

  • Section 1: Tank Car Classification and Specifications
  • Section 2: Tank Car Safety Systems
  • Section 3: Tank Car Stenciling and Markings
  • Section 4: Nonpressure Tank Cars
  • Section 5: Pressure Tank Cars
  • Section 6: Cryogenic Liquid Tank Cars
  • Section 7: Guidelines for Initial Emergency Response
  • Section 8: Glossary of Railroad and Tank Car Terms
  • Annex: AAR, U.S. DOT, and Transport Canada Safety Enhancements for Nonpressure Tank Cars

Source: Association of American Railroads

Cite: Field Guide to Tank Cars: Introduction

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