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Recruitment Through Sponsorship of Community Athletic Fields
National Workforce Solutions (WS)

Rocky Hill Fire Department

Recruitment through the sponsorship of local community athletic fields 


Opening day of the youth baseball league and continuing throughout each season.  

Rocky Hill, Connecticut

Every year on the third Saturday in April, Rocky Hill’s Parks and Recreation Department holds a very popular ceremony for the opening day of baseball in the largest park in town. All of the town’s baseball leagues, youth and adult, participate in the ceremony. 

The outfield fence of each ball field has vendor/sponsor signs affixed to them, similar to advertisements larger venues have. The Rocky Hill Fire Department secured a place on the left field fence to display a recruitment banner. The banner remained on the fence for the entire season. Additionally, as a part of their partnership with the Rocky Hill’s Parks and Recreation Department, the fire department’s Honor Guard presented the flag for the national anthem, and they staffed a recruitment table to hand out informational packets and applications.  Uniformed members were also on hand to answer questions.

This positive partnership with the town’s baseball opening day ceremony, puts the fire department center stage. It allows them to increase community awareness that the fire department is staffed by volunteers and that more are needed. This event was also a great location for the fire department to recruit at because it allowed them to target individuals that are currently physically active in their daily life and active within the community.

Having a table at the event allowed the community to meet and interact with their local firefighters in a positive, non-emergency situation. It also provided an opportunity for the department to actively recruit potential new members and to proactively discuss many topics with the public including fire prevention. This interaction can help build a positive relationship between the community and the fire department.

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