IAFC Position: Fire Emergency Self-Assessment Process

IAFC Promotes the Use of the Fire Emergency Self-Assessment Process as a Means to Enhance Organizational Performance and Provides a Means for Continuous Agency Improvement.

In 1987, the International Association of Fire Chiefs recognized the need to develop a comprehensive model to evaluate and promote continuous improvement for local fire agencies. As such, the IAFC signed a memorandum of understanding with the International City Managers Association to develop what is now known today as the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. The Commission on Fire Accreditation International is dedicated to assisting fire and emergency service agencies throughout the world in achieving excellence through Self Assessment and Accreditation in order to provide continuous quality improvement and enhancement of service delivery to their communities.

The board of directors for the International Association of Fire Chiefs recognizes the changing degrees of complexity the local fire chief is faced with. The voluntary Fire and Emergency Self Assessment Process provides a model by which the local fire chief can evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their organization and set a course for improvement and, if they so desire, can seek international recognition through a peer review process that validates the credibility of their organization.

The International Association of Fire Chiefs Board of Directors recognizes the need to continually enhance the level of professionalism throughout the fire service. The Commission on Fire Accreditation International Fire and Emergency Self Assessment Process provides a methodology for the local fire chief to do just that.

The Board of Directors encourages all chief executives who are IAFC members to undertake the voluntary process of Fire and Emergency Self Assessment and would encourage every agency to set a goal to become an internationally accredited agency. 

SUBMITTED BY: Chief Randy Bruegman
ADOPTED BY: IAFC Board of Directors, January 2001

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