Model Procedures for Responding to a Package with Suspicion of a Biological Threat

The Model Procedures for Responding to a Package with Suspicion of a Biological Threat is a framework for first-arriving emergency service personnel for addressing potential bioterror events primarily involving suspicious letters, packages or containers.

This model provides a framework for building a local protocol tailored to a specific community. It was created to serve as a model for all types of fire departments in all types of communities.

While some information may go beyond the typical scope of the first responder, it is outlined so that a first responder will have knowledge of the broader process in which they may be requested or required to assist.

  • Topics:
    • Large-Scale Response
    • Homeland Security/Terrorism
    • Hazmat
  • Resource Type:
    • Field operating guide
    • Guide/ toolkit/ template
  • Organizational Author:
    • External
    • IAFC

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