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Innovation in Wildland - Wildland Mitigation Award Winners

31 minutes iCHIEFS Podcast Episode 2

In February, the Wildfire Mitigation Awards committee named three individuals chosen to receive 2021 Wildfire Mitigation Awards. This year’s recipients have earned the highest commendation for innovation and leadership in wildland fire mitigation.

In the latest iCHIEFS podcast we spoke to two of the award winners about their personal successes and challenges within the wildland-urban interface. As a wildland fire mitigation specialist for the West Region (Colorado) Wildfire Council, Courtney Haynes works with the Colorado State Forest Service to serve a six-county area—called the West Region—roughly 5.6 million acres in size. Jessica Kirby has profoundly shaped public perceptions of wildland fire. As the acting open space management supervisor for the Snyderville Basin (Utah) Recreation District, Jessica oversees 2,300 acres of trails and forest.


  • Outstanding or innovative strategies they employed to receive this award
  • The largest threat facing America’s fire service
  • Recommendations for other departments

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