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Ready, Set, Go! Program

The RSG Program is one of our fire-adapted the resources that supports developing and improving dialogue between the fire service and the residents they serve. The program helps departments teach individuals who live in high-risk wildland fire areas and the WUI how to best prepare themselves, their families and their properties against outdoor fire threats. Customizable resources allow members to incorporate some familiarity within the program, creating increased buy-in from their local audiences.

Through the trusted voice of the fire service, the program and associated resources encourage residents/property owners to be Ready by taking personal responsibility and action—preparing long before the threat of a wildland fire. RSG provides tips on creating defensible space, assembling emergency supplies, planning escape routes and identifying safety zones.

RSG educates audiences how to be Set with situational awareness by staying up to date on the latest news and information about the fire and the ability to receive local emergency notifications.

The program also encourages those in threatened areas to Go and act early following their Personal Wildland Fire Action Plan. Promoting cooperation and early action not only supports the safety of community members, but allows fire and emergency response agencies to utilize their resources where they are most needed.

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