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Fire Department Exchange is Accepting Applications

Fire Department Exchange (FDX) is now accepting applications for the upcoming in-person exchange in Lake Travis, Texas, January 24-28, 2022.

As part of the IAFC's Wildland Program, FDX provides in-person and online exchange platforms for fire departments facing wildland-urban interface (WUI) challenges. The core focus is to encourage exchanges among departments to broaden their knowledge base, consider alternative measures, create new solutions and improve overall practices and procedures within their wildland fire programs.

Why apply?

  • Participate in a facilitated discussion to develop actionable items
  • Learn from other departments about how to conquer or overcome challenges
  • Gain access to an online platform to share ideas

The Steering Group members will review all FDX applications. Five applicants will be selected to participate based on factors that include risk level, wildfire history, geographic location, department type, strength of programs in place, capacity to commit, success/ lessons to share, related department needs, and financial need.

The deadline for application is October 10, 2021.

Apply Today!


Lauren Holtzclaw is a Wildland Fire Programs Coordinator for the IAFC.

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