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Information You'll Need

The following items are required for applications submitted to IAFC Frequency Coordination:

  1. Existing FCC call sign(s) if applicable.
  2. One line diagram of proposed system - provide a sketch of the system showing base stations, repeaters, mobiles and control points. Include frequencies and site locations.
  3. FCC Form 1068-A - Required for 72-76 MHz radio call box applications

Step 1

Register with the FCC

Commission Registration System (CORES) You'll need this information before moving on to step 2.

Antenna Structure Registration
Antenna support structures exceeding 200 feet in height or located in proximity to a runway require an antenna structure registration. Use the link above and click on the TOWAIR tab to determine if you need to register. Existing structures most likely have a registration number – check with the owner before filing a new registration.

Step 2

Submit Your Application to the IAFC

2 Easy Options:

Online Submit your application online:
The online submittal system is intuitive and user-friendly, though FCC Form 601 includes complete license application instructions that you may find helpful even if filing online.

Once you submit your application online, your invoice number and amount will be provided by email, typically within a few business days. You'll need this information before moving on to step 3.


Mail You may file hard copy applications. There is an additional $100 fee for hard copy applications.

Download the application, FCC Form 661, and mail to:

IAFC Frequency Coordination
424 E. Middle St – Rear Unit
Gettysburg, PA  17325

Once application is processed, your invoice number and amount will be provided by email. You'll need this information before moving on to step 3.

Step 3


Valid government purchase orders will be accepted. Payment must be received prior to application being forwarded to the FCC.

2 Easy Options:

Online Pay frequency coordination fees online

Mail Make checks payable to IMSA/IAFC Frequency Coordination and mail to:

IMSA/IAFC Frequency Coordination
PO Box 291489
Port Orange, FL  32129-1489

View frequency coordination fee information

Reference Information

FCC Emission Designators

Latitude and Longitude from NAD 27 to NAD 83 Conversion Tool

FCC Rules

View the Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulations Part 90 Rules and Regulations online.

  • The eligibility requirements for Public Safety licensees can be found under 90.20(a).
  • A listing of all Public Safety frequencies and their allowable use can be found under 90.20(c).
  • The IAFC can provide frequency coordination for licensees in any of the public safety radio services as defined in Part 90 of the Rules and Regulations.
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