The IAFC and the International Municipal Signal Association (IMSA) are non-profit associations jointly certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide frequency coordination services to governmental and related agencies. We are dedicated to providing quality service at the lowest possible cost.

IAFC and IMSA work jointly to process frequency coordination requests and fees are handled through IMSA.

New Frequencies Below 450 MHz — $200 per freq/per site

New frequency 450 - 470 & 854 - 866 MHz — $200 per freq pair/per site

New frequency 470 - 514 MHz — $315 per freq pair/per site

New 700 MHz NB and NPSPAC — $60 per freq pair/per site

Narrowbanding — $100 per freq pair/per site

FX0/FX2/FX3 — $190 per freq/per site. Add'l sites $10.00

System Licensing — $160 per application

Major Modification (to existing channel) — $200 per freq pair/per site

Minor Modification — $100 per application

MED Channels — $500 10 freq/up to six sites in same geographic area

Addition of FCC Interoperability Channels specifically designated "TAC" or "CALL" * — $100 per application

Engineering Time — $125 per hour

Minimum application fee (except 700/NPSPAC and narrowbanding) — $100 per application

Volume discounts available - please call for quote.

Applications not submitted electronically will incur an additional $100 application fee.

* IAFC/IMSA will add FCC-designated interoperability channels at no charge if in conjunction with other license work.

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