IAFC members play a vital role in the association's governance, policy and programs functions through the work of committees. Committees are structured in various ways for various functions, but play the same vital role. Committee members are subject matter experts, gather critical information, produce reports and recommendations, and provide guidance to the IAFC Board of Directors.

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Committee Membership and Structure

Each committee (except constitutional committees) has a maximum of 18 members, including the chair. Committee members are appointed for three-year terms, and can be asked to serve for a second three-year term. Members are expected to attend their respective committee meeting at Fire-Rescue International every year and participate in additional committee meetings and conference calls as scheduled by the chair. There are two types of committees, as well as other opportunities to get involved.

Constitutional Committees

Constitutional committees are permanent committees established by the IAFC Constitution and Bylaws. Members serve on these committees by way of appointment by a division or appointment by the president.

Ad-hoc Committees

Ad-hoc Committees are formed at the discretion of the president. They perform a continuing function to the association by making policy recommendations to the IAFC Board of Directors, undertaking long-term assignments and otherwise carrying out the work of the association. Members are appointed to serve by the president. An ad-hoc committee chair may establish temporary work groups or subcommittees to conduct specific research or complete a specific task for the committee.

Task Forces

Task forces are created by the president to address a specific issue that needs member feedback—usually a new or current situation facing the association or the fire and emergency service. A task force has a definite charge and usually remains active until the task is complete.

IAFC Appointments to External Organizations

IAFC members are selected to represent the IAFC on numerous committees and work groups convened by other nonprofit or government organizations.

NFPA and ICC committees make up the most frequent appointments from the general membership. In other cases, committee members provide such subject matter expertise.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining a committee.

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