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Pushing for Hands-only CPR

EMS Week, May 20-26, is quickly approaching. What better opportunity  to become more engaged in your community and teach residents and visitors how to assist firefighters and EMS personnel in saving lives. Hands-only CPR and Stop the Bleed trainings  are ideal ways to get your community members active in learning how to respond to emergencies.

The IAFC is partnering with American Medical Response (AMR) and the American College of Emergency Physicians for a second year with the goal of putting life-saving knowledge in the hands of our community members. Last year, fire departments across the country held hands-only CPR training sessions at shopping malls, baseball games, county fairs, and other community events. The Fire Department of New York and AMR even provided a hands-only CPR training session during a live segment of the Today Show. Together these efforts taught more than 70,000 people how they can take an active role to help save a life.

While the IAFC is proud of the World CPR Challenge’s results last year, we need your help to reach more people! Whether you’re looking to expand on last year’s efforts or hold your first hands-only CPR training events, EMS Week is a great opportunity to get your community up to speed with life-saving knowledge.

Take a look at the World CPR Challenge and EMS Strong to find new ways for you to mark EMS Week by teaching your community members to save lives.

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