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IAFC Member Appointed to FCC Council on Public Safety Communications

Chief Wade Buckner, a member of the IAFC Communications Committee, was recently appointed to represent the IAFC on the FCC Communications, Security, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC). The newly re-chartered council held its first meeting on Friday, July 19. The committee will be looking at several issues critical to the security and reliability of our nation’s public safety communications, including:

  • Managing Security Risk in the Transition to 5G
  • Managing Security Risk in Emerging 5G Implementations
  • 911 Security Vulnerabilities during the IP Transition
  • Alert Originator Standard Operating Procedures
  • Improving Broadcast Resiliency
  • SIP Security Vulnerabilities

The CSRIC will develop a series of reports over the next two years addressing the listed topics and developing best practices that will guide the commission in its regulatory approach. The commission is currently seeking applicants to participate in the CSRIC working groups, with applications due August 5, 2019. Please contact Brandon Allen, IAFC Government Relations Manager at ballen@iafc.org if you are interested in applying to be a part of a CSRIC working group. The public announcement seeking applicants for working groups can be found here (pdf). General information about the CSRIC and its responsibilities can be found here.

Brandon Allen is a manager in the IAFC Government Relations Department.


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