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Celebrate Firefighters and EMS Providers During EMS Week

Every day, EMS professionals serve on the front lines of our nation's battle against COVID-19. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, you stand ready. You respond to every emergency call and provide critical pre-hospital care for your patients. Through training, planning, and personal sacrifice, you prepare for the trials—known and unknown—that you'll face today and tomorrow.
We understand that planning for EMS Week, May 17-23, is likely not on the top of your to-do list. At the same time, it is important to recognize the critical contributions of EMS to protecting the nation's health. While COVID-19 may impact your ability to host recognition ceremonies or conduct in-person community outreach during EMS Week, we hope you can find innovative ways to connect and celebrate our industry.
The ideals behind EMS Week last beyond seven days in May.  
The stories below remind us why EMS is so important and why EMS Week matters.
Thank you for all that you do.

A Look Back
Veteran EMS clinicians share why they joined the profession, what they have learned, and how things have changed over the course of their careers. Read More.

National Registry of EMTs Celebrates 50 Years
The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians patch on your sleeve—you know, the one you earned last year, five years ago, or 30 years ago? The one with the distinct colors, threads and star of life? That patch is more than just a patch. Read More.

Talk to Your Community About EMS
EMS Week presents a great opportunity to engage with members of our community, from hospital and healthcare leaders, to local elected officials, to members of the public. Read More.

Cardiac Arrest Survivor Reflects

The morning of October 15, 2019 had been a typical Tuesday at the headquarters of the Entrepreneurs' Organization in Alexandria, Virginia. Stefan Jaeger, a vice president for the nonprofit, had spent the morning working at home before coming in at around 11 AM. Read More.

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