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EVMS Presents 2019 & 2020 Boyd Cole Awards

The IAFC’s Emergency Vehicle Management Section (EVMS), and Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL), proudly announce the recipient of the 2020 Boyd Cole Award, David Williams. This award recognizes an educator, trainer, or facilitator who effectually organizes the training and certification of emergency vehicle technicians, through the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission (EVTCC).

Mr. Williams was an Emergency Vehicle Technician for the City of Abilene (Texas) Fire Department from 1984, until his retirement, in 2019. David Williams was the principal driving force, and supporter for EVT training in Texas. For over 19 years, he assisted in the tremendous growth of Texas Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians (TAEVT), and the Southwest Emergency Vehicle Technician Conference, from 10 attendees, to over 250. David kept Texas EVTs relevant, and strong, and was the principal advocate for Texas’ ascension to second, nationwide, for having the most EVT certifications.

Southwest EVT Conference representatives state, “David Williams is the man that did everything, helped everyone, and facilitated all training, outside of the dealers in Texas, for the past 20 years, and above all, resonating Boyd Cole’s life, to keep first responders safe.”

Our thanks to the Southwest EVT Conference and the Texas Association of EVTs, for nominating Mr. David Williams.

His award, along with the 2019 winner, Battalion Chief (Ret.) Boyd Clegg, San Ramon Valley Fire District, will be formally presented at the EVTCC Validation Conference held in Orlando, Florida, January 2022.

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