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IAFC & Metro Chiefs Statement on Log4j Vulnerability and Reported TeleStaff Outage

By Chief Kenneth W. Stuebing and Chief Don Lombardi

On December 11, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) announced a critical vulnerability affecting products containing the Log4j software library. Fire departments have reported that the TeleStaff program has been affected by this vulnerability.

DHS recommends that users of programs with this vulnerability take the following action:

  1. Enumerate any external-facing devices that have Log4j installed.
  2. Make sure that your security operations center (SOC) is actioning every single alert on the devices that fall into the category above.
  3. Install a web application firewall (WAF) with rules that automatically update so that your SOC is able to concentrate on fewer alerts.

To learn more about this vulnerability, please consult this statement by CISA Director Jen Easterly.

CISA also has set up a webpage with guidance and resources about the Apache Log4j vulnerability.

In addition, the Apache Software Foundation has released a security advisory with a recommendation to upgrade to Log4j Version 2.16.0. Fire chiefs and their systems administrators are urged to review this advisory

To make sure that fire departments are prepared for cyberattacks, the IAFC worked with American Military University to develop “Protecting Against Cyberattacks: A Guide for Public Safety Users.”  

Fire Chief Kenneth W. Stuebing is the IAFC President and Board Chair, and Fire Chief Don Lombardi is the President of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association.

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