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FLSS Scholarship for the Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference

The Fire, Life & Safety Section (FLSS)

Are you a dedicated fire professional, committed to making a difference in your community through risk reduction? Do you yearn to broaden your knowledge and enhance your skills in this crucial field? The Fire, Life & Safety Section (FLSS) will award $500 Scholarships and complimentary registration to attend the 2024 Community Risk Reduction Leadership Conference to five deserving fire professionals who exemplify a strong commitment to community risk reduction and a genuine desire to enrich their expertise.

Deadline: January 19, 2024

Selection Criteria:

  • Financial Need: Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who demonstrate financial need based on their department's revenue.
  • Commitment to Community Risk Reduction: Preference will be given to individuals who have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to community risk reduction through their work or volunteer activities.
  • Relevance to CRRL Conference: Preference will be given to individuals who can articulate how attending the CRRL conference would not only benefit their personal growth but, more importantly, how it will positively impact their department and community.

Seize the chance to advance your career, make a difference in your community, and lead the way in community risk reduction. Apply now for the FLSS Scholarship and embark on a journey of growth and impact.

Please contact Richard Miller at rmiller@iafc.org with any questions.

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