About CRR Leadership Conference

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Making Community Risk Reduction Relevant

The Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Leadership Conference is the only conference geared specifically to the education and training needs of chief officers and other fire service managers seeking to create, execute and evaluate measurably successful CRR platforms and programs. This specialized leadership training highlights proven methods and strategies to assess community risks and develop achievable strategic and operational plans to reduce them. Fire service leaders benefit from the real-world wisdom of CRR trailblazers and innovative rising stars, all working together to pioneer the future of CRR in North America.

Sponsored by the IAFC's Fire & Life Safety Section, the CRR Leadership Conference tackles CRR from the leadership perspective, highlighting best practices from concept to implementation to outcomes. Presentations will highlight the latest and greatest in CRR research. The conference will feature vendors, product demos, and previews of the latest tools and technologies to advance community risk reduction locally.

Fire & Life Safety Section

The mission of the Fire & Life Safety Section (FLSS) is to reduce injury, life loss and property loss by advancing the field of fire prevention and life safety with leadership and vision for fire safety professionals.

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